Our Services

 We help catalyze the early stages of your affordable community housing planning and development process. We provide grant funding for the vision, feasibility, and business planning phases of a project, including capacity-building grants to help strengthen your organization’s ability to grow and manage real-estate development projects.  We also provide low cost flexible loans to support expenses during the early phases of development – the acquisition and pre-construction phases – to help cover expenses like detailed project design and drawings, municipal approvals, and project costing and financial planning.

Early Stage Development Grants.

  • Vision / concept and strategy planning grants
  • Feasibility assessment and business planning grants
  • Real-estate development capacity building grants 
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Real Estate Vision, Strategy, & Concept Development 
Your real estate decisions and initiatives should be grounded in your organizational vision, strategic priorities, and values. Through grant funding, we can help you explore your organizational priorities and space needs, project concepts, assess your real estate assets and opportunities, and develop your real estate strategy.   

Feasibility and Business Planning Grants.
When you have a  project concept that you are ready to explore further, we can support you with grants to help you engage the expertise you require to carry out feasibility and business planning for your affordable community housing real estate project.

As your project moves forward with acquisition, due diligence, completion of site and building plans, detailed financials, and zoning approval, we can bring the capital you require at this stage though access to an Affordable Community Housing Accelerator Fund loan.

Construction and Occupancy.
We can connect you with construction and/or mortgage financing options from Vancity credit union, and in some instances may be able to help address capital gaps through impact investments or equity-like financing options directly from Vancity Community Foundation.

Capacity-Building Grants.

We also offer organization capacity-building grants to help strengthen your ability to grow and manage affordable community housing real estate development projects. 

Pre-Construction Loans.

Flexible low-cost loans to support pre-construction costs for affordable community housing development when capital can be hard to find.

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Pre-Development Loan.

To help with soft costs associated with rezoning and development permit processes. These loans provide essential risk capital as the project advances into securing municipal approvals and more detailed design and planning.

  • Offered at a rate of 2% simple interest
  • Repayable upon the first draw of construction financing.
  • The loan proceeds must be spent on real project costs outlined in the submitted project budget.
  • Terms and conditions apply

Pre-Construction Equity Loan.
The longer-term patient nature of this loan provides greater financial stability for a project by allowing organizations to carry capital into the construction and occupancy phases, and can remain in a project up to 5-years post occupancy.

  • Offered at a rate of 2% simple interest
  • Repayable upon the first refinancing of a take-out mortgage, after five years of operations.
  • The loan proceeds must be spent on real project costs outlined in the submitted project budget.
  • Terms and conditions apply

Acquisition Loan.

Allows organizations to compete with investors and market developers on real estate acquisition opportunities by providing capital for down payments and short-term holding costs required to secure land and close on acquisition deals for buildings.

  • The interest rate and repayment terms are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the project needs and timelines.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Eligibility Requirements. 

  • You are a not for profit, co-operative, First Nation government, or Indigenous organization
  • You have site control of land, either through ownership or a long-term lease
  • You have a viable project proforma that includes a cash-flow for how the project and future operations will be sustained
  • You have a viable project and business plan.
  • Check out our Borrower FAQ here.

*The Vancity Affordable Housing Accelerator Fund is administered through the Greater Vancouver Community Assistance Foundation and the Fund may change from time to time.

Program Guidelines.
We seek to support viable projects that will increase the supply of diverse climate-ready affordable community housing for low to moderate income families. 

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Alignment with Vancity Community Foundation’s values and areas of impact.
ncluding climate, the co-operative economy, and the economic and social inclusion of Indigenous communities and equity deserving groups.

Innovative models and collaborations.
We want to support and learn from projects that are applying or testing new approaches to social purpose real estate development, including enterprising mixed-purpose or mixed revenue models, interesting development and investment partnerships, or innovative land-use or building practices.

Potential viability.
Does your initiative (even at an early stage), demonstrate some potential for financial and technical viability, including the capacity of the organization to raise the required capital and resources to move the project forward?

Organizational commitment and readiness.
Does your organization demonstrate entrepreneurial capacity and spirit, readiness, commitment, and capacity to use investment from Vancity & Vancity Community Foundation to move forward with a social purpose development or redevelopment project?

Climate ready.
Is your organization committed to providing sustainable housing? We seek to support Affordable Community Housing Development Projects that prioritize being climate-ready and will ideally pursue step 3 of the BC Energy Code or greater.

We’re prioritizing initiatives created by and for:

  • Indigenous, Black, and other racialized groups
  • Newcomers
  • Womxn
  • People living with disabilities
  • Other equity deserving groups


We work with not-for-profit organizations, cooperatives, and Indigenous organizations or governments, whether working independently or in partnership with for-profit or non-profit real estate developers or other stakeholders.

Priority is given to initiatives that are Vancity Credit Union member organizations and/or located in the following geographic areas: Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Southern- Vancouver Island (up to Nanaimo area), Squamish, and Alert Bay.

Other Resources.

A list of helpful resources related to the affordable community housing development process and other funding sources available at Vancity Community Foundation and Vancity credit union. 


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If you have an affordable housing real estate challenge, opportunity, or project that you think sounds like a fit, please get in touch with us. The first step is to email with an outline of your project. Our team will connect with you to arrange a meeting and explore opportunities to work together. 


The Affordable Community Housing Program + Accelerator Fund is administered through the Greater Vancouver Community Assistance Foundation and is managed and operated by Vancity Community Foundation. The Program + Fund products and services may change from time to time.